May 2018

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How to Make a Mojo Bag

In the African American folk magic tradition of Hoodoo, mojo bags are the staple amulet and are created to fix a wide variety of conditions. The more common bags are created for love, money, gambling luck, employment and other practical needs.  Mojo bags also go by names such as a mojo hand, gris-gris bag, conjure hand, lucky hand, conjure bag and trick bag. For a more detailed history of the mojo bag, check out Cat Yronwode’s webpage at

How Long Will a Spell Last?

When I cast a spell for a client, the number one concern they usually have is how long it will take to manifest. The answer will vary depending on many things and I covered this question in a previous post. The question that doesn’t come up as much, but which is equally important is in regards to how long the effects will last once the spell manifests.

Using Conjure Oils

This is a list of some of the many ways to use conjure oils.  Found another way to use your oil?  Tell me about in the comments!

How Did You Learn All This?

EDIT: This post was originally written in 2016. 

This is going to be a long post and I hope I can make it coherently.  There is so much to cover here but I feel it’s time to answer some of the questions I get asked about myself.  I’ll try to group them into specific topics so you can skip to what interests you.

Disclaimer: All written here are my opinions and experiences.  Views subject to change as I am a human being in an evolutionary process and have changed throughout the years as I hope you have too.

How did you learn witchcraft?

What is Uncrossing Work?

When I used to think of uncrossing work or removing jinxes and curses I used to imagine the Evil Queen from Snow White giving Snow White the cursed apple that put her into a death like sleep.  The curse could only be lifted by true love’s first kiss.  This was where I put such notions – into the realm of fairy tales.  In addition to my own disbelief in curses I also saw many scammers in my time as an LAPD police officer where so-called witches and gypsies told victims they were cursed and that only they could remove this curse for a very large sum of money.  I w

My Testimonial

I want to share my own testimony about living a magical life. Currently my business that I always dreamed of having is doing well enough for me to leave my well paying, secure job with benefits. This doesn’t just affect me and my job, it is having a positive impact on my health, my children and every other area of my life. So, how did I get here?