How Long Will a Spell Last?

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When I cast a spell for a client, the number one concern they usually have is how long it will take to manifest. The answer will vary depending on many things and I covered this question in a previous post. The question that doesn’t come up as much, but which is equally important is in regards to how long the effects will last once the spell manifests.

So, how long will it last? That really depends on you. Yes, you hold all the power here with the actions you take after your spell is cast. Spells, workings, rootwork or whatever you want to call them, change energy. They create opportunities, affect emotions, stop situations, start situations and allow for new possibilities. However, these situations, emotions and opportunities need to be acted upon. Let me give a few examples.

You are in a relationship and you get pissed off at your significant other (SO). You guys have a huge blow out and break up. You do a reconciliation spell which produces the desired effect of softening him/her up to the idea of working things out with you. All is great for a few weeks or even months. Until you have another blow out and you’re right back in the same situation. What went wrong? Why did the spell not last? Because spells don’t work that way. The spell worked perfectly to get you back together, but it doesn’t make the underlying and ongoing issues in your relationship or in your/their personality go away. As soon as you get back together (if not before) you should be looking at those underlying issues and addressing them. Do you or your SO have anger issues? Are either of you insecure? Jealous? Manipulative? No one likes to address these issues, especially not in themselves. But, if you don’t deal with them, you’ll continually end up where you started.

Here’s another example. You are in a real financial bind so you cast a money spell. Within a few weeks you have the money you need. In fact, you have more than you need and you are thrilled. Unfortunately, you have a spending problem that you have not addressed and before you know it, you have a financial emergency again. Money spells are great, but it’s better to get at the root of the problem rather than have to continually do emergency money spells that may or may not get you what you need in time.  

The same logic will apply to road opener spells or spells to increase business, opportunity or your personal power. Once the spell begins to manifest, you have to go out and do the leg work. So, after you cast that spell to impress your boss, you need to get to work doing something they can be impressed by. There’s nothing wrong with ongoing spell work. I use it personally and for my clients to maximize results. But, keep in mind that spells change energy. You still have to follow through with real actions to make a permanent difference. Apply both spiritual and mundane remedies and you have a powerful remedy for your problems