How to Make a Mojo Bag

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In the African American folk magic tradition of Hoodoo, mojo bags are the staple amulet and are created to fix a wide variety of conditions. The more common bags are created for love, money, gambling luck, employment and other practical needs.  Mojo bags also go by names such as a mojo hand, gris-gris bag, conjure hand, lucky hand, conjure bag and trick bag. For a more detailed history of the mojo bag, check out Cat Yronwode’s webpage at

Mojo bags are more than a simple charm, however. When they are created they are brought to life and a living entity is born to provide your very own spiritual ally.  Traditionally, a mojo bag is made up of an odd number of ingredients.  Some workers make it an odd number including the personal concern of the target, others do not count it.  A personal concern from the target is added to tie the bag directly to the target.  A personal concern can be:

  • Hair, fingernail, saliva, sexual fluids or any similar item that actually carries the DNA of the target
  • Something owned or worn by the target such as a piece of clothing, jewelry or other small object
  • A handwritten signature from the target
  • A photo of the target
  • A name paper

The items that go into the bag would be roots, herbs and curios whose energies are in alignment with the purpose of the bag. At one time all mojo bags were made from red flannel.  Today, most workers use color symbolism in their bags, but they are generally still made of flannel.  So, to make a money drawing mojo you would assemble your ingredients and place them into a green flannel bag.  Some items you might use are:

  1. $2 bill or a silver dime
  2. Mint leaves
  3. Bayberry root
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Pyrite
  6. Calendula
  7. Your personal concern

As you place each item into the bag, call on the spirit of the item to use its energies to help you accomplish your goal. For instance, “Spirit of mint leaves, open the way for new money to come into my life swiftly and in large amounts”.  The only item you would not say anything to would be your personal concern.  Once all the ingredients are in the bag you need to breathe into it to bring it to life.  Simply say something like, “I breathe life into you creating the spirit of Money Drawing”. Breathe once into the bag and then tie it shut.

To care for your bag there are some general rules to follow. Because the bag has become a living entity, it can die if just left unattended for months at a time.  I recommend weekly feeding with an oil or incense for 4 to 8 weeks.  After that you can go to a monthly feeding unless you are led to do it more often.  To feed with an oil, you simply place a few drops of oil in your hands, rub together and then rub into the bag.  You don’t want to soak your bag as it will get mucky over time.  You can also swing it through incense smoke to feed it.

Other rules are:

  • No one else  touch your mojo bag (parents touching their child's bag is the exception). It is okay for another person to see the bag, but you don't want to hang it around your neck or show a lot of people. 
  • Keep your mojo bag as close to you on a daily basis as possible
  • Don’t forget about your mojo bag – easier said than done

To dispose of a mojo bag you can open it and take out any items of value to cleanse and reuse. Then the bag and herbs left over should be burned as a way of both honoring the spirit that helped you and releasing it