What is Uncrossing Work?

When I used to think of uncrossing work or removing jinxes and curses I used to imagine the Evil Queen from Snow White giving Snow White the cursed apple that put her into a death like sleep.  The curse could only be lifted by true love’s first kiss.  This was where I put such notions – into the realm of fairy tales.  In addition to my own disbelief in curses I also saw many scammers in my time as an LAPD police officer where so-called witches and gypsies told victims they were cursed and that only they could remove this curse for a very large sum of money.  I will even admit to having fallen prey to one to one of these scams in my early 20’s.  Luckily, I was only taken for $300 before I realized what was happening.  I have heard of victims being scammed out of their entire life savings.  Very rarely are these scammers prosecuted due to the complexities of the legal system and the fact that the victim is usually a willing participant.  I did go to court once on a woman who was being tried for these scams and she was found guilty but only because there were dozens of victims willing to come forward and tens of thousands of dollars stolen.

With 20 years of witchcraft experience behind me, I now understand the reality of crossed conditions and cursing and hope to explain it to my readers in a way they can understand.  Because, while it may not exist like it does in Snow White or in the world of scammers, it does exist.  Luckily, most cases are cured by a combination of uncrossing baths, prayers and sometimes talking therapy with a licensed therapist.

Everyone, at some point in their lives, will be in a state of crossed conditions.  It may be due to an actual curse  or something that someone has thrown in your direction (which can be in the form of jealousy, an actual spell, vicious gossip or any other intentional act to harm you and disrupt your life).  More often it is due to a trauma of varying degrees in your life.  Even with the best of parents, children have traumatic experiences that affect their perception of the world and themselves.  And, since most of us did not have perfect parents and the perfect upbringing we can safely assume that everyone at some point or another is suffering from some level of crossed conditions.  Once you have dealt with those conditions you will find that life brings more situations that can cause crossed conditions such as being fired unfairly from your job, being the victim of a serious crime, being in an abusive relationship or just having to stand forever in the checkout line at the store when you’re in a hurry.  Okay, that last one may not cause crossed conditions but it can certainly put you in a foul mood!

Crossed conditions, hexes, jinxes and curses can happen in any number of ways and there is no need to be any more afraid of them than your fear of getting into a car accident.  Yes, car accidents can and do happen.  But, first, there is a lot you can do to avoid them and, second, if they do happen you just have to know how to fix the situation.

Anytime you are faced with a situation you feel warrants spell work, I recommend an uncrossing bath first.  You can customize your uncrossing bath for your specific desire by adding conjure oils to your bath.  So, if you are in a financial mess and are going to do a money spell, first take a bath using salts and herbs to cleanse away the negativity and then you can add a money drawing conjure oil to help with your money work.  How many baths and if the uncrossing should include an uncrossing ritual really depends on how deeply entrenched the problem is.  A reading is usually helpful if you are unsure.  Or you can start by taking a bath and see how things go.  You can do more if you feel you need it.

Just like our physical bodies and environments become cluttered and dirty to the point where they no longer function properly, so do our spirits.  So, when was the last time you did a thorough cleaning?