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  • I wasn’t able to leave a review on the website for some reason but I feel like I need to! Lemme tell you girl, you are the real deal. i have gotten readings from you twice now. the first reading you were spot on, and brutally honest. i love that you doesn’t sugar coat anything. this time, within 30 seconds of my reading you had me grinning, because you knew exactly what was going on. You don’t hold anything back, i appreciate your brutal honesty, and your insight. i will definitely be reaching out to you for services in the future. I’ll keep you posted on my next move.
  • I have done a few email readings with Ruth that were truly spot on and just what I needed. I am beyond thrilled that she now offers video readings with the ability to record. Ruth gave me so much insight, dove deep into blockages I had and offered a great action plan to tackle my obstacles and how to improve certain aspects of my life. If your considering booking a reading, I definitely suggest a video session as it allows you to really engage with Ruth and ask additional questions to uncover things you need to know/hear from spirit. Highly recommend 10/10!!! Thanks Ruth
  • Hi Ruth, 

    I had a reading with you about a month ago. I wanted to know what job to take. I was hired at two different companies  (Thanks to the talisman I purchased from you) One company paid more than the other, however the other company gave me a better vibe, but paid less, and I wanted an unbiased opinion and I was afraid of making the wrong decision. During the reading you said to go with the job that paid less because you saw me moving up in the company, as where the job that paid more was going to lay me off. I started working on Monday and I love it there!! Also an article came out on the internet and news said that the Company that paid more ( the one you said I'd be laid off from) is going to lay off more than 800 people :( I'm sad for them, and glad I decided to go with what the cards said. Thank you so much Ruth, you are truly my go to person for readings. Let me know if I need to rewrite this for a review

  • Ruth was welcoming from the get go and her reading for me was full of love and actionable guidance. She made very efficient use of our 30 minute appointment, maintaining professionalism and my trust throughout. Weeks later, I'm still referring back to my notes to derive inspiration and I will definitely be back for more readings in the near future!