Code of Conduct

With scammers far outnumbering legitimate readers and spell casters available online, it can be hard to find the right spiritual worker for you. First off I want to list the signs and red flags that you may be dealing with a scammer who will take your money and never do an ounce of work on your behalf.

  1. Guaranteed work.  Anyone who guarantees their work will manifest is a scammer. A spell is like medicine.  It may work for most people but it doesn't necessarily work for 100% of the people 100% of the time. Scammers also promise results overnight. This is another promise that cannot be made.
  2. Shady methods of payment. Most legitimate psychics and spell casters will accept PayPal or another credit card process service. One of the biggest signs that a spell caster or psychic is a fraud is requesting that a potential victim wire money by Western Union often to a random address or another country with a “waive signature” designated. Some will use Money Gram or other means of sending money that is usually more difficult to trace than a credit card.
  3. Business information. You should do an internet search about the business, the casters name and other identifying information to see what comes back. Often scam reports from Ripoff Report and similar sites will come up quickly. Many of the psychics and spell casters who were found to be operating a legitimate business didn’t have the best websites and some weren’t even found on the web at all but rather through online forums and word-of-mouth referrals. A number of the fraudulent sites can be traced back to Nigeria and other places in Africa, but many were located right here in the United States.
  4. High pressure sales tactics. The use of fear is a common way to scam someone into sending money. A few examples are:
    • "You have a horrible curse on you and I am the only one who can remove it."
    • "I did you a favor and already started your spell even though you said you weren't sure.  Now you owe me $2000.  Pay or I will come after you with a curse."
    • "You made (insert deity's name here) very angry and now you must pay for me to make sure he/she doesn't destroy your life."
  5. Asking for more money. One of the most common tricks in these scams is to go back to the victim for more money because more work is needed. A common line from them is – “Once I looked into this further, I saw more issues, more negative energy that needs to be cleared and I need more money.” It’s always another issue or another problem and more work needs to be done. Or doing a fraudulent psychic reading, they ask for you to spend more time, come back another day, let’s do a more in-depth reading. The scammer makes the victim feel like it’s a dire situation and something will go wrong if they don’t more spell work. Another common statement is – “If we don’t do more all the initial work we did will backfire or be ineffective.”
  6. Asking for personal information. No one needs your social security number or bank or credit card number to do spell work no matter what anyone says.

Our Code of Conduct

At The Tarot Witchery we will:

  • Never pressure you in any way to get a reading or a spell.  The decision to purchase from us is completely yours and even if you are rude to us, we will not be coming after you with curses. ;-)
  • If a spell does not manifest within a couple of months we may suggest more spell work.  Some situations are just tougher than others, especially when it comes to love work. However, we encourage you to set a time and financial budget for yourself before beginning spell work.  Determine exactly how much time and money you are willing to put towards your goal through spell work.  We also encourage you to do work on your own to assist the process such as bathing, working with a mojo bag or poppet and even doing candle magic along side what we are doing together.
  • We will always treat you with respect.  This means we will not only listen to you and what you need, but we will be honest with you if spell work is not going to help you.
  • We have no problem with you utilizing the services of another legitimate reader or spiritual worker while working with us as well. 
  • We do not provide spell work for anyone under 18 without the parent's written consent. Tarot readings are available for anyone.
  • Our website is secure and we only accept payment through PayPal (although you don't have to have a PayPal account to use it) which is a secure site and we never even see your credit card information.