Advanced Candle Magic Class



Upon purchase you will receive the link to the two YouTube videos from a previously recorded class.  Each video is approximately one hour long.  This class covers:

  • Moving candle spells
  • Adding support or situation candles
  • Candle placement
  • Targeting an individual(s)
  • Using personal concerns
  • Herbs and making your own oil
  • Working with different types of candles
  • Fixing glass candles
  • Loading candles
  • When weird stuff happens

By purchasing this workshop you agree not to share the videos with anyone else.  The videos remain the sole property of The Tarot Witchery and may not be distributed or shared anywhere online or with those not registered for the class.  


Reviewed by Katie on Jun 6, 2019
Get this class! I love, love, love all of Ruth's classes, but this was one of my favorites. I especially love being able to make my own oils and powders now!
Reviewed by on Apr 30, 2019
I highly recommend Ruth's classes! I have taken the defensive magic and advanced candle magic. Both left me feeling inspired and with a bunch of notes to take away and implement in my personal practice. The information and techniques are all realistic and fairly easy for anyone to incorporate into their workings!
Reviewed by Ash H on Apr 29, 2019
I have taken all of Ruth's classes and this one did not disappoint! Ruth clearly explained how to complete advanced candle spells and gave many tips and tricks that I had never heard of and probably would never think of. Ruth is an amazing teacher, giving live demonstrations and making her classes exciting with personal anecdotes. These classes are an amazing value and I recommend them to anyone looking to learn or refine their magic.
Reviewed by J Wilson on Apr 14, 2019

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