Candle Magic 101 Workshop



Upon purchase you will receive the link to the three YouTube videos from a previously recorded class.  Each video is approximately one hour long.  This class covers:

  • How candle magic works
  • Using herbs, roots, oils and flowers in spell work
  • Choosing your candle
  • Writing your spell
  • Timing your spell
  • Casting your spell
  • Interpreting signs

By purchasing this workshop you agree not to share the videos with anyone else.  The videos remain the sole property of The Tarot Witchery and may not be distributed or shared anywhere online or with those not registered for the class.  


Reviewed by Leslie Hawkins on Dec 2, 2019
Definitely recommend this class , Loved it!! Thank you Ruth you’re awesome!
Reviewed by Katie on May 31, 2019
Super awesome class! An absolute must for anyone working candle spells! I actually know what I'm doing now!
Reviewed by Melinda on Apr 1, 2019
Great class! I really enjoyed Ruth's insights & the personal stories that brought it all home.
Reviewed by J. P. on Mar 29, 2019
Ruth is a boss witch! She is so cool, down-to-earth and real. I was drawn to her work and was so thrilled when she offered classes after buying a few spell kits from her. She really knows her stuff and is so helpful throughout the way. I have nothing but great things to say about her readings, spell kits and classes. She makes us all feel so empowered and has allowed me to gain knowledge and confidence in my own personal practice. SHE IS AWESOME
Reviewed by Lisa on Mar 26, 2019
Ruth is a wonderful workshop facilitator, and I really enjoyed this 101. Informative, helpful, fun! Looking forward to attending more workshops. Thanks again, Ruth!
Reviewed by Amy on Mar 26, 2019
Thank you Ruth for this informative class. If you are intrigued by candles but not sure what to do, This is the class for you.
Reviewed by Jim Barker on Mar 23, 2019
Ruth really knows her stuff! I really enjoyed her down-to-earth style, her joyful nature, and her real advice on how to craft candle magic. Ruth just got right in there and showed us how, and in so doing, I realized it was really not that hard. I was inspired by the artistry, and found myself creating a candle magic spell that was so beautiful and effective as a result! I learned so much and can't wait to take another class from Ruth in the future.
Reviewed by ashlienicolehumphrey on Mar 23, 2019
Thank you for teaching this class, Ruth! It came at the right time. I feel more powerful and in control of my life, which is exactly what I need right now. You were informative and friendly and funny and I learned so much. I have attempted spells in the past, but felt confused and unsuccessful with the mixed bag of information on the internet. Your specific, simple instructions made spell casting much less intimidating and helped me cast with confidence. I highly recommend your course to anyone, and am continuing with the rest of your courses!
Reviewed by Mary on Mar 21, 2019
Thank you for providing this candle magick class. We've only done two classes so far, but I have felt a shift in my personal power I don't think I could have achieved without your instruction and guidance. I did a candle spell with what I learned from your class and the results manifested to the exact word in only two days!! Ruth is a wonderfully gifted teacher and mentor and learning from has has changed my life. From where I stand, her decision to teach was the right one, there are no words to express how much I appreciate the oppertunity to learn and share in her knowledge. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to grow in their own personal power, it has been an overwhelmingly posative experience for me.
Reviewed by Crisrine joy videz aroc on Mar 3, 2019

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