Cast Off Evil and Break Addictions Service



This service cannot be done effectively for someone who is not interested in changing their behavior or breaking their addiction.  If you are wanting to help your child or loved on who has an addiction problem or is self destructive I recommend my Fiery Wall of Protection spell service to protect them from danger.  

This service is performed to help overcome addictions such as drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, food, sex and any other bad habit that is hurting you and your life.  

This spell service is completely customized for your needs and takes 3 days to complete.  Upon purchase, you will Email me with your order number, the background of your situation and specific goals you want to get from the spell, your photo and birthdate.  Upon receiving the information requested here you will receive a date for your service to start.  Photos and spirit messages will be sent to you within 7 days of completing your spell.  


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