Catholic/Christian Witchcraft



Upon purchase you will receive the link to the YouTube video from a previously recorded presentation.  This presentation along with a Q&A will cover:

  • My path to being a Catholic Witch
  • How I reconcile Church teachings with my practice of witchcraft
  • How I work with Jesus and the Saints (Hint: I do not work with them as a cover for African deities)
  • Working with Pagan deities
  • Dealing with the haters

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Reviewed by E. on Apr 29, 2019
Thanks so much for your video lecture on Catholic Witchcraft I found it very helpful and inspirational. It’s given me lots to think about in my path. Thanks again.
Reviewed by The Cosmic Saint on Mar 30, 2019
I love the presentation Ruth! When you started explaining how despite religion used in an abusive way in your childhood you were still comforted in your relationship with Jesus and the Saints. The peace you feel with them and in the Catholic Church completely resonated with me. You’ve studied various religions and it shows. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!
Reviewed by Ashlie on Mar 30, 2019
Ruth was very informative about her personal path to both faith and witchcraft. I appreciate how open minded she is, and her acknowledgement that faith is very individualized and personal. She never once suggested that her way is the right way or only way, which was very refreshing. Her message resonated with me personally and is helping me reconcile my own beliefs with my practice of witchcraft. I recommend this presentation to anyone who feels they don't fit in with "traditional" Christianity, or anyone who wants to broaden their view about the spiritual world. Thank you!

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