Cleansing and Healing or Protection Service



No consultation required.


This service removes curses, the Evil Eye, negative energies and spiritual blocks. Spritual blocks build up over time causing many issues in our lives from relationship troubles, career setbacks, financial difficulties to all kinds of illnesses and disease of the body and mind.  I have been doing this work for almost 10 years now and have found that the best way to remove these energies and bring healing to an individual I cannot meet with in person is through poppet work.  For this ritual I create a poppet to represent the person I am working on.  Ideally you will send me a few fingernails for this work to link you more closely to your poppet.  The poppet is then taken to the ocean or river/woods (as I am guided) and the work is performed there.  There is nothing as healing as Nature herself and the deities I work with are strong in these locations.  The poppet is then taken home with me and placed in a box of healing herbs and anointed with oils for 8 more days.  Once this process is completed, poppet is taken lovingly apart, disassociated from you and the remains are burned.  If you prefer protection work over the healing then this service is easily adjusted for that.  

You will receive at least 5 photos of your service from beginning to end along with proof the service is for you within 7 days of completion. 

Please note that this service is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for professional medical or psychiatric care.  

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