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Court Case Oil



My formula contains cascara sagraday, galangal root, sumac berries and more to help you win your case.  Use for criminal court, civil court, IRS cases, bankruptcy hearings, immigration hearings, DMV hearings or any other type of situation where someone will be judging you and making a decision about your future. Watch this video for 15 different ways to use conjure oils.  15 Ways to Use Conjure Oils


Reviewed by Nicole on Nov 1, 2019
Ruth, I had court today and surprisingly his attorney wanted to make a deal and she took my deal! I had, on my own, done a sweetening jar I learned from your channel and I did the freezer spell you taught there as well. She was being such a bitch and today she bent and compelled!! I did not have the binding and shut up oil but I did have the command and compel and I used it! Not only that, I had the mojo bag you made on my bra and I used the court case oil that came with it all over my body and in my shoe as well. I can be a pain in the ass with the emails but I did have to take the time to thank you not only for the mojo bag but for the knowledge you shared on your channel. I am also enjoying the witch life course.
Reviewed by on Jul 20, 2019
RUTHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LISTEN TO ME!!!! I am a new homeowner in a predominantly White neighborhood and I had that neighbor who was throwing her dog feces on my property and telling me to go back to where I came from (even though I was born in Queens, NY) in court..and not only did she NOT show up. The judge asked me how much I wanted for cleaning up her litter and dog feces. I made a court candle and used your oil to anoint it and OMG...I got a $5000 verdict win AND he said that he was going to give me an Order of Protection against her and apologized for her behavior. are a force. Thank you

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