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Custom Made Mojo Bag/Gris Gris



Each mojo bag is ritually prepared and fixed for you over 3 days using traditional crafting methods and the highest quality ingredients and comes with a 1/2 ounce bottle of conjure oil. These are not mass produced bags and no two are completely the same as I use the ingredients I am led to use during divination.  Please leave your goal for your mojo bag in the comments at checkout or email me directly by replying to your emailed receipt from The Tarot Witchery (not your PayPal receipt).  

How to care for your mojo bag:

Your mojo bag is a small magical charm handmade with powerful roots and herbs specifically for your purpose.  It is a small magical entity and ally and will establish a magical bond with you.  As long as you care for your mojo bag it will continue to work for you.

Your bag will arrive fully functional and working. I recommend you open it to add a personal concern (hair, nail clipping, bodily fluid) to tie the bag directly to you.  If you are targeting a specific person with your bag, add their personal concern as well.  If you have none, a photograph or name paper will suffice.  Every week you need to feed it with a perfume, oil or incense.  Do this the first day you receive your mojo and then once a week.  Simply rub a little oil into your palms and then rub the mojo bag through your hands to feed it.  Or you can run it though a little incense or spray with a small amount of perfume.  State your desire/intention out loud when you feed it and thank it for its help regularly.

It is very important that no one else handle your mojo bag.  If they do, the connection to you is lost and you will need a new bag.  You can keep your bag with you (in your pocket, purse, pinned to the inside of your clothes, in your bra, etc.) or in a safe place such as under your pillow or on an altar you have created to correspond with your purpose.  

When you are ready to dispose of your bag, burning is the recommended method so as to not offend the spirit.  

If you lose your mojo bag, perform this short ritual to disconnect from it: Write out the following on a clean piece of paper, "My spirit ally, my mojo bag, for all your work, I thank you.  I release you now and cut our ties, my magic strong and ever renewed."  Burn the paper visualizing the connection between you and the bag dissolving. 

Please allow 5 to 7 days for the creation of your mojo bag.

FAQ: Why do I need to keep my mojo bag a secret?

First off, you don’t. However, there are some important tips to remember with mojo bags.

  • Mojo bags are alive. They are brought to life through a short ritual performed by the maker of the bag.
  • Being alive, the bags are subject to the Evil Eye just as we are.  If you show someone who is negative or mocks the idea, it will hurt the bag. However, I add a protective ingredient to all my bags to protect it. Still, you don’t want to go around showing everyone.
  • The spiritual ally that has been created in the bag needs to bond with your energy to help you. Letting other people touch it can break that bond and is much more serious to the health of the bag then someone seeing it. 
  • Parents are the exception to the “no touch” rule. Parents do not break the energy of the bag that is for their child by touching it unless they do so in a mocking manner.


Mojo bags are my specialty. I have been crafting custom mojo bags for my clients for years with a very high rate of efficacy. These are not mass produced, I craft each bag myself.

Mojo bags (also called mojo hands and gris gris) are small magical charm bags, hand-made with powerful curios, roots and herbs for a variety of magical purposes. A mojo bag is brought to life during ritual and becomes a small magical entity or ally that creates a powerful bond with its owner.  The living spirit within the bag assists in manifesting the intention for which it was created. 


Reviewed by on Aug 9, 2019
Hello ruth, I bought a mojo bag (road opener) from you a few weeks ago. I have to say it worked within a week. I was recently let go from my job after having a baby. And my old boss was saying stuff making it difficult to find a job. After a week receiving the mojo bag. I got one side job and hired at a different place immediately. Thank you for everything. Love your work!
Reviewed by J. on Aug 2, 2019
Spoke to my grandma and she said her mojo bag is working wonders for her!!!!!! She has been selling a lot at her garage sales, getting extra babysitting jobs and selling more of her mary-kay products! She says she feels like she is getting more money and holding onto it longer
Reviewed by on Jul 20, 2019
Ruth... Thank you so much.. Remember I got a mojo bag from you few months back for the job confirmation. It's working awesome. I am becoming confident day by day. However there are few people who try to put me down. But I give it back to them. I am so happy and thankful. Please put this message as a testimonial on your page. I feel so blessed that I could find you. You are magic..
Reviewed by kspradley19877 on May 25, 2019
Ruth, I’ve been meaning to thank you for the mojo bag. I purchased the “I dominate my man” bag and oil to match and trust when I say, it works. He is a completely different person and now will actually listen to what I say instead of brushing me off to be right. Thank you 1000x over.
Reviewed by Stacey on May 25, 2019
I have been using my weight loss mojo bag for a year and lost 53 pounds with it. I don’t need to lose anymore weight but I still feed it and keep it with me to help me stay on track with my diet and exercise.
Reviewed by Zupermom24 on Oct 11, 2018
Hello, I wanted to say thank you so much for my mojo bag. I dont work because I have a son with autism who needs me 24/7 so I sell stuff online to have a sort of income. I've been selling stuff constantly and making enough money that I don't feel stressed out (as much) anymore. Thank you so much for what you did for me and thank you for the amazing work that you do.
Reviewed by K on Jul 15, 2018
I purchased an mojo bag from Miss Ruth over a year ago. My firm was going through changes and a new COO was making A LOT of changes. He was coming for a lot of people and as a single mom I was very uncomfortable. In my entire career I always believed your knowledge, hard work and work ethic would guarantee you your job. This man was firing everyone in order to make a profit. I reached out to Miss Ruth and purchased both a mojo bag and an oil. THE SAME DAY I used it, that man did a complete 180. It was down right comical. I used that bag and oil for a full year until I decided I wanted to move on to a place that was a better fit for my overall happiness. When I resigned this same man made me three counter offers. THREE! When he understood it was a quality of life decision he offered me a consulting position with the firm. Miss Ruth is honest, reliable and she comes through. Very happy with her service and her products.
Reviewed by RMM on Jun 3, 2018

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