Defensive Magic Class



Upon purchase you will receive the link to the two YouTube videos from a previously recorded class.  Each video is approximately one hour long.  This class covers:

  • Different types of spiritual and energetic attacks
  • Our natural protections and keeping them strong
  • Using and charging protection amulets
  • Return to Sender work
  • Break Up work
  • Cursing work
  • Karma, unintended consequences and other common concerns

By purchasing this workshop you agree not to share the videos with anyone else.  The videos remain the sole property of The Tarot Witchery and may not be distributed or shared anywhere online or with those not registered for the class.  


Reviewed by Katie on May 31, 2019
Awesome class! Ruth is so generous with tips & tricks she's learned over her lifetime, and the information I'm armed with from this, and her other classes have strengthened me as a spiritual human being. I literally feel armed with options no matter what happens, and am grateful to be so empowered!

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