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Full Moon Prosperity Group Service - August 15



This monthly full moon service is set in honor of St. Martin Caballero who is well known for his generosity in helping those with their financial and business needs.  Leave your full name and intentions at checkout and your information will be handwritten and placed in my own Prosperity Jar for the Full Moon ritual to bring abundance, employment and financial and material security.  Your intention paper will be left in the jar until the following Full Moon.  Individual photos are not provided, however, photos of the ritual are posted on my social media accounts.  


Reviewed by on Jul 31, 2019
I purchased a spot for my sister for the prosperity community work and she has been able to get her apartment. Shes been on a waiting list for two years almost! You are the real deal. I am thankful and grateful for your intentional kind spirit and the power of your work!
Reviewed by on Jul 29, 2019
Ruth, I wanted to give you feedback on your Full Moon Prosperity Group Service. Within the first 13 days from joining your group I had an increase in business and on the 13th day from joining I had a fantastic day today. I believe good Spellwork takes time and your group was awesome for me. I will join again! Thanks so much for all you do!
Reviewed by on Apr 29, 2019
Good evening Ruth, I participated in the full moon prosperity group service, and I must say I feel tremendous amounts of it!! When I joined I didn't think I had a job anymore because I was on of the workers who was on strike with stop & shop. And because I was a newbie and not through the union I was not going to get any funds. Amazingly the strike was over on Easter Sunday. I just returned to work on Wednesday. I even got extra hours!! As a part timer it's hard to get. Secondly for the past 2 weeks I've been eyeing this apartment that I feel in love with through pictures, every time I called to see it, I kept being told it has been taken but I kept seeing that it was still up for rent. I asked my husband to call cause I figured he'll get a different response. And sure muff he did. I got to see it, and it was just as I pictured. Since then I just kept praying that it was ours only because there were so many applications for it. So today at 6pm we got the call that we were chosen!!

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