Hand Poured and Fixed Candles



These 13 ounce candles are hand poured and fixed by me using my spiritual oils and corresponding herbs and roots.  To use these candles, simply write your petition on a clean sheet of paper in the present. For example, "I have the job at XYZ Company" or "I am free of past emotional trauma" or "John Doe is my boyfriend now".  For additional power add the words "I am grateful" at the beginning of your sentence.  For example, "I am so grateful for the job at XYZ Company".  Place the paper under your candle, speak your same sentence(s) directly into the candle and light.  Burn for at least 15 minutes a day and extinguish your candle with a plate or your fingers or other device.  Do not blow your candle out.  

Choose from the formulas above.  Leaving more detailed information in the comments at checkout will provide you with a more customized candle.  


Reviewed by on Nov 15, 2019
I bought this candle for money stay with me , prosperity and abundance . The second I lit it my phone rang and I had an interview , you are INCREDIBLE RUTH
Reviewed by CC on Sep 30, 2019
Thank you for these candles. This last one was the third I’ve purchased from you and every single one worked in less than a month. Thanks to your candles I am doing much better at work and my boss leaves me alone, I qualified for a new car and I feel more optimistic about my life. I really appreciate what you do for us.

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