Intensive Spell Work 2



This service requires a consultation prior to purchase.  CLICK TO EMAIL

***By purchasing this work, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions HERE ***

This service is for those who are familiar with doing their own spell work and will accept instructions and supplies to work on their own end.  If you are not familiar with how to do spell work then I recommend purchasing my video course on Candle Magic 101 first.  

Let's work together on one issue/area of life magically, spiritually and practically to bring healing and breakthroughs to your situation.  Areas we can work on together are finances, career, love and relationships, spiritual growth, healing, cleansing and uncrossing, legal issues, specific goals you are working on.  With this package we will have:

  • An initial 30 minute reading to see how the energies in and around you are impacting your situation and what type of ritual work will help the situation.
  • A follow up email with the details of the work I will be performing on your behalf. 
  • Spell work completed - usually 3 to 7 day spell.
  • A complete report with photos and a 3 card readings to determine what you can expect going forward via email or video chat (your choice). 
  • A complete spell kit with instructions will be sent to keep the work going long term.  I'm sorry but I cannot offer this service to international clients.

We can use Skype for our readings and chat or Zoom so that you can easily record our sessions together.  Photos of your work will be emailed or texted to you as the work is being done - no waiting a week for photos. 

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