Lodestone Money Magnet Spell Kit



This is a simple but powerful money drawing kit that does not require candle or incense burning or an altar.  You work this spell right in this little box that you can keep in a drawer, near your workspace (if you need to draw in paying clients), or anywhere in your living space that you want to.  It can be kept out in the open by the front door or hidden away from spying eyes.  This kit comes with everything you need and complete instructions.  Cash not included.  


Reviewed by G. on Jan 26, 2020
I did the money spell I bought from you and gave the photographer the 20 that had been fed all week. Have to tell you-I was in a store and a woman gave me a coupon for 20.0 off and my son won me 20.00 in a bet. Super stuff! Thank you for all that you do!

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