Love Spells



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Love Spells are some of the most difficult types of spells because you are dealing with two (or more) people in a complicated relationship (and every relationship is complicated no matter how great it is).  Because of this, it is very important that I really understand the dynamics of the relationship and get a good read on all the parties involved.  Otherwise, we are unlikely to address the root of the problem in the relationship. In order for me to do my best work for you and not just take your money on spells that are not well thought out, I have created this service.  


  • 20 minute video chat reading OR an email reading on the situation (your choice) to determine the spell work needed.
  • The spell work itself - usually a 3 day service.
  • Photos of your work sent within 7 days of completion.  

Additional emails with updates and questions are not included.  

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