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A reading is required for all customized spell work.  With over 25 years of experience in the art of spell casting, an intimate relationship with Spirit and my gifts of claircognizance and spirit communication, I am able to cast powerful and effective spells on your behalf.  Every spell I do is guided by divination and Spirit to get to the root of your problem rather than just temporarily fixing surface issues (although I work from that angle as well).  To begin, you will need to read my Shop Policies.  Your next step will be to book a 30 minute reading with me.  BOOK A READING

The types of work I do are:

  • Abundnace, increased income, money, employment, business success, success in a specific area
  • Curse and harmful energy removals, spiritual and emotional healing, powerful protections
  • Bindings and justified cursing
  • Peace, personal empowerment, self improvement, self love, renewal
  • Court cases and justice work
  • Blessings, Road Opener, opening to love, spiritual evolution, reveal the truth
  • Love spells that Hekate allows me to work on


While each spell and ritual is different and will require different methods, here is a general idea of my prices.

  • 3 day spell work - $200 (this is the most common type of work I do for my clients)
  • 9 day spell work - $600 
  • 3 month spell work - $800
  • 9 day intensive Cleansing, Healing and Powerful Protection work - $900

You will be given an explanation of the spell work I recommend for you during our reading and what you can expect from me as well as an exact price with an estimated start date (start dates are not confirmed until payment is received).  I will also let you know what I need from you in the way of photos, personal concerns (hair, fingernails, toenails, etc) and information.  I respond to all emails within 2 days including weekends, however, I do take off some holidays.  

I look forward to working with you! 


Reviewed by L.H. on Feb 6, 2020
Hi Ruth, So you started the (return to me/reconciliation) jar spell, what like a week ago or so? Well I just wanted to let you know,last few weeks he’s been distant as you seen in your cards but passed few days he’s been texting me out of nowhere, of course not every day though, and even told me he misses me. I truly believe that’s from your work because he hasn’t told me anything like that for a long time. I know it’s not like a super progress but it is right :) just felt like I should tell you that you’re doing an amazing job helping out!!
Reviewed by Sheba on Jan 23, 2020
Ruth is the best Witche Ever. She always deliver in her readings. All her readings are always on point. I am always speechless after each one. When she does a spell I guarantee you, you will see real results; and most importantly Ruth is very very professional. I came across her page on ig and that’s the best thing that could happen to me. May the spirits continue to guide and protect her. I truly believe that Ruth is a blessing and the world should know about her. Thank you Ruth for all you do for others.
Reviewed by G.P. on Jan 23, 2020
You've been my witch for going on four years now and you have been nothing less than one of the BIGGEST blessings since day one. From waaaayyyy back with my scary pregnancy complications with my son who is is 3 now :-). Ive been able to conquer so many hurdles with your help, healing and guidance. I'm so glad to have found you. Infinite blessings to you.
Reviewed by V. on Nov 20, 2019
About 6 months ago I reached out to you in regards to my husband. I asked for your help in having him return to me, & he did shortly after the spell you did for me was completed. It’s crazy how fast it worked, thank you!!

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