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Making Your Own Oils



Making oils is fun, creative and magical.  Spiritual oils, aka conjure oils, magical oils, potions, are the most common way to deploy the magic and power of nature, which holds the energies that act as the catalyst for change in spells and spiritual work.  In this one hour session I will teach you how to harness that power and make your own oils for any situation.  We will discuss herbs and roots, where to get them, how much to use as well as adding essential oils to maximize the power.  We will also cover the many ways to use oils for different types of situations.  Finally, I will give you 3 of my recipes for any oil you want (excluding my Roma Oil) to get you started. 

Ready to dive in? Let's get started! We will be meeting via video chat on and the session will be recorded for you to download and save for future reference.  

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