Mini Candle Spell Service



PLEASE READ UPDATED INFORMATION! - No consultation required. Mini candle spells are set WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF PURCHASE.  

By purchasing this service, you are agreeing to the terms HERE

This is a mini candle spell for your need.  I use candles that burn for approximately 1 day.  Photos of your service are sent within 14 days of completion of your service.  There are no reports sent with this service.  Please leave your name and birthdate and the name and birthdate of anyone else involved as well as the intention for your spell in the comments at checkout.  Mini candle spells are great for any needed energy shift, however, the energy does not last that long (3 months or less - but sometimes that is all you need to turn a situation around).



Reviewed by on Jan 30, 2020
Thanks Ruth So funny my mom was talking last night about how easy things have been with her boss this week...we both had forgot about the spell. Then I said wait you know Ruth did the boss fix spell. Needless to say...It Worked! Thanks so much.
Reviewed by Brenda on Jan 10, 2020
Hi Ruth, Happy New Year! Hope all is well with you. Just want to let you know that I got the job :)! I am so so happy. The interview was short and sweet, right away she told me she liked me and the job was mine. Thank you for your work I really appreciate it, gives me more reason to always come to you for work. Have a blessed day!
Reviewed by Leslie.pecina121 on May 27, 2019

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