Phone or Skype Reading



International callers: Skype or FaceTime only.

This is a psychic tarot reading by phone or Skype for whatever you want to discuss.  Upon purchase I will contact you to schedule your reading.  All readings are scheduled Pacific Standard Time.  It is your responsibility to determine what time that is for you.  At the time of our reading you will call me.  





Reviewed by on May 13, 2019
You probably won’t remember but I took part in your attracting love group spell thingibob last year-the one where you light a candle for me. As well as a tarot reading earlier last year which you told me to be patient and stick to my guns. It said something like three months would be significant. Well three months after the reading and a month after the group service I met an amazing man who I’ve been with for six months now. You were right about me not dropping my standards-he’s everything I wanted in my next relationship and I can’t imagine my life without him. I know six months isn’t long but I feel a connection with him that hasn’t been there in my past relationships and something just feels right. So thank you for your guidance and blessings and here’s to a bright future x

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