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Reconciliation Email Reading



If you are breaking up or have recently broken up with your significant other, we can shine some light on the situation and bring some clarity to you by asking Spirit:

  • what are your current feelings about him/her?
  • what are his/her current feelings about you?
  • what are your expectations right now?
  • what are their expectations right now?
  • what is the root cause/causes of this breakup?
  • what your partner may not be telling you.
  • what you need to focus on right now.
  • what is the most likely outcome for this relationship?
  • what is the advice from your Spirit Guides?

You will receive your reading within 7 business days of purchase.  Please give me your name, your partner's name, birthdates and a BRIEF (one paragraph) background of your relationship - leave this information in the comments section at checkout. 

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