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Ritual/Spell Work Consultation



To book a consultation for more in depth work (3 day to 30 day spell work, custom magical items and spells not listed separately):

  • Read my conditions of service HERE By proceeding with this consultation you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.  Topics covered here will not be covered again via email.  This saves us both time and helps to eliminate miscommunications.  
  • I offer ritual work for most situations in life including distance energy cleansing, spell/curse removal, love and relationships, finances and employment (no gambling spells), success, communication, personal growth, legal issues, work issues, reversing/return to sender, healing, buy/sell a home, cord cutting, protection, binding and shut up work, road opener, limited break up and cursing work and more.  Let's discuss our situation and see if ritual work is appropriate for your situation.  
  • Upon purchase, I will contact you by email to schedule your 30 minute phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom video chat (your choice) consultation which includes a tarot reading on your situation. If you decide to go forward with my services after our consultation, you will receive a $25 credit towards your work.  


Reviewed by C.P. on Aug 12, 2019
I want to check in and tell you how much I've been thriving. I've been thriving since your first spell work. It's been a bumpy road at times. But, with faith, hard work and perseverance, things have turned around for the better. The Romani oil is the real deal!! I'm learning how to gracefully handle all the goodness that it helps me attract. The crazy part is that sometimes it can be overwhelming. Like, "too good to be true" type of feeling. But, I immediately snap out of it, open my arms with gratitude, embrace it and keep moving forward.
Reviewed by B. on Aug 9, 2019
Ruth, two months or so after your binding and protection my now ex boyfriend is moving out on his own accord and peacefully. He gave me $100 not sure for what I guess to be nice and has a place secured already. His daughter is packing up her room as I type this. He of course is blaming me for not having full time income although some weeks I do and do pay bills. I'm sad but this is what I wanted. And now it's happening. I really believe your work helped progress this amazing fortitude and results. I wanted to let you know. What's amazing is he's peacefully leaving which I was worried about.

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