Romani Oil



This is a great all purpose oil for spell work to draw positive intentions. You will receive 1/2 ounce bottle straight from my large jar I keep in the Witchery.  

I received this recipe from a Romani woman during my days as an LAPD officer.  Normally the Romani people do not engage with law eforcement, however, when you are being stabbed with an ice pick, you call 911.  A man was being stabbed by the father and brother of the woman he raped.  From my involvement in this case, I became friendly with the rape survivor over her situation and our shared interest in magic.  This oil is used to bring about love, beauty, protection, money, magic, increased intuition and energy cleansing.  With a woodsy Vetiver and musk oil scent, this oil can be used as a perfume, added to the bath water, used on candles and in soaps and body washes.  

While I am no longer making oils to sell, I am keeping this one available due to the fact that the recipe is so old and so many of my clients swear by it for good fortune in all areas of their live.  



Reviewed by Kristie on Jun 1, 2019
Amazing stuff. I need to order more. Smells so good and it’s really working for me!

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