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IMPORTANT!  You must first apply with me via email in order for me to consider taking you on as a student.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If you purchase this without speaking with me first, you will be refunded your money MINUS the PayPal fee charged to me when you purchase and you will not be allowed to apply again for 6 months.  APPLY HERE


Come be my student for 13 months as we traverse the Wheel of the Year together learning everything from what witchcraft is to spell casting and working with deities and spirits.  Below you will find the full curriculum (we can start any month) which we will tailor specifically to your needs. Each new moon you will receive all of the videos and handouts from my #witchlife modules and then we will meet live on Zoom for an hour to answer your questions and teach you how to make and incorporate the magic you specifically need in your life regardless of what topics were covered in the monthly videos as well as your monthly self care reading.  

Upon purchase, I will contact you by email to set up days and times that work for you to meet.  I love helping my clients live their best life through practical magic and spiritual practices.  Let's get started!

October - 

  • What is witchcraft and how is it different from religion or other magical practices?
  • The many paths of witchcraft and how to know which one is right for you

  • Grounding 

  • Ancestor altars and offerings

  • Communicating with your ancestors

  • An Ancestor Elevation Rite for Samhain/Day of the Dead/Halloween

  • Self Care led by a 3 card reading

November - 

  • The Wheel of the Year

  • Creating Sacred Space (even with cats, kids and other hazards)

  • Altars and tools

  • Starting your Book of Shadows

  • Beginning a daily spiritual practice

  • Lunar Rituals - Dark Moon, Full Moon, New Moon

  • Self Care - led by a 3 card oracle reading

December - 

  • Celebrating Yule (the Winter Solstice)

  • Different types of meditation and why it’s so important

  • Making a protection amulet

  • Making a protection box for you and your loved ones. 

  • Making your own New Year’s Candle for health, wealth and happiness in 2020

  • Self Care - led by a 3 card oracle reading

January - 

  • The art and science of magic

  • Setting your intention for the year and adding magic to your goal setting

  • How does spellcraft work and why use it if it won’t magically make your life perfect

  • To cast a circle or not to cast a circle

  • Cleansing and healing spells and spiritual maintenance tutorial

  • Self Care - led by a 3 card oracle reading

February - 

  • Celebrating Imbolc

  • Love Spells - ethics, types, efficacy, the difference between love and domination

  • Healing from past relationships with lovers and parents

  • Love Spells tutorial - the honey jar, the candle spell and using magical perfumes

  • Self Care - led by a 3 card oracle reading

March - 

  • Celebrating Ostara (the Spring Equinox)

  • How to modify spells from books for your needs

  • How to write your own spell

  • Step by step through spell work tutorial

  • Visualization

  • Self Care - led by a 3 card oracle reading

April - 

  • Abundance and the energy blocks to prosperity

  • Financial, employment and abundance spells using candle magic, jar magic and talismans tutorial

  • Connecting to nature

  • Self Care - led by a 3 card oracle reading

May - 

  • Celebrating Beltane

  • Complete home cleansing and protection tutorial

  • Covens - yay or nay? 

  • Personal Power spell tutorial

  • Connecting to nature - again

  • Self Care - led by a 3 card oracle reading

June - 

  • Celebrating Litha (the Summer Solstice)

  • Making your own oils tutorial

  • Making your own powders tutorial

  • Recipes to get you started

  • How to use oils and powders

  • Using what you have

  • Is organic best?

  • Self Care - led by a 3 card oracle reading

July - 

  • Who are the Gods and Goddesses and how you can work with them

  • Working with the Elements

  • Types of initiations

  • Working with crystals tutorial

  • Self Care - led by a 3 card oracle reading

August - 

  • Celebrating Lughnasadh

  • Simple spells for daily use with herbs, roots, sigils and your thoughts

  • Connecting to nature - yet again

  • Timing your spells for better efficacy

  • Blood magic

  • Sharpening your psychic skills

  • Self Care - led by a 3 card oracle reading

September - 

  • Celebrating Mabon

  • How to continue learning

  • A witch’s responsibility to him or herself

  • A witch’s responsibility to others

  • A witch’s responsibility to the Spirts

  • Magical hangovers and ritual overload

  • Self Care - led by a 3 card oracle reading

October - 

  • Celebrating Samhain
  • The Dumb Supper
  • Ouija boards
  • Wrapping it all up

The basis of everything I teach is self improvement and empowerment.  Witchcraft is a practice of personal freedom and healing and everything else stems from this. 


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I’ve just recently purchased your closeout on the candle magic courses and I’m learning so much. You’re such a natural teacher. So happy I found your instagram page.

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