Tarot Reading with Spiritual Remedy or Coaching



This service provides divination into the best way to address one specific issue in your life using magic and/or a spiritual remedy.  Using the Spirit guidance I receive for you, you will receive specific instructions for spell work or spiritual work you can do on your own using products you can get inexpensively and locally.  This is NOT a psychic reading on what is happening or is going to happen.  It is only for guidance on how to help your situation and/or manifest your goals using magical and spiritual remedies. 

Customers have used this service to receive information on how to improve their own psychic gifts or spiritual connection, how to do a specific spell for their goal, guidance on follow up work after a spell service that they can do on their own, how to be more prosperous or successful in their career or hobby, how to heal from trauma, how best to help a loved one and many, many other situations. 

Instructions may include:

  • Specific advice from your spiritual allies
  • Spiritual practices you can use 
  • Book or website recommendatons
  • Magical advice including full instructions on how to perform any recommended ritual

This service includes no more than 3 email exchanges.  The first for your reading and remedy/magical instructions/advice and one follow up email for any clarification needed.  This is not generic spell casting instructions.  These are instructions specifically for you given to me by Spirit during your reading.  

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